Sunday, June 30, 2013

No TV Summer

I am attempting to cut us off from TV this summer. We don't watch too much anyways but there is always something better to do than watch the telly. So we are now getting out and doing something EVERYDAY. It's been really fun for me to plan new activities and we get to spend time with a lot of different friends. My house also stays surprisingly clean too, but that's because we aren't home to mess it up. We normally hit up the park as often as we can. There were a couple really rainy days in a row so we went to the church building and raced Parker's remote control cars around in the gym. If we get up and get going in the morning then Parker is always ready for a nap in the afternoon, which is always motivating for me to plan something fun to do.

We went to the zoo with Kimberli and Ashlynn on Thursday. The rain couldn't deter us anymore from being outside. Lindy loved seeing all the animals... She slept most of the time.

Parker and Lindy are my little snuggle bugs. If this weren't the sweetest thing I'd be more upset they are both in my bed. Lindy is a great sleeper, amazing actually. Parker always gets his 10 hours in at night too and he loves to sleep in. 

Went to the splash park with Ashley and Gage and Harper on Friday. We had the ultimate setup with my awesome sun shade tent and camp chairs and Lindy's beach pack and play. Got a lot of moms asking where I got the tent, they were super jealous. Parker LOVES the splash park. It's a good thing too since he will be taking swim lessons here and we will most likely go to the park right after. He ran and ran and played and played and occasionally stopped for snacks and water. He slept super hard Friday night to say the least.

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