Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Temple Pictures

 Best Sisters Forever
My boys and quite possibly my most favorite picture in the world

Dad and Mom

Touch a Truck

Tukwila hosted a "Touch a Truck" event this year and Parker loved it! There was a squad car, police mobile headquarters, firetrucs, milk truck, MATER, garbage truck, ambulance, front end loader and a bunch more. We HAD to go especially since Parker's grampy is a Tukwila fire chief. It was raining really hard but we were brave and there weren't many people there so we got to take our time and explore all the trucks.

 Parker and Gage, best cousins!

Driving Mater

Doing his "I'm so excited" dance

Grampy's fire truck

Camping with our Besties

Went to eastern Washington for a best friends camping trip a while back. I have gotten pretty dang good with those dutch ovens and I think my boys just love being outside as much as possible. It was a blast! We saw the Grand Coulee dam laser show and got to play in the "mighty Columbia." Parker only had one minor injury when he tried to pick up one of the coals on top of my dutch ovens and he burned the tips of three fingers, poor boy. He loved being in the tent and jumping on our air mattress. We already decided that we are making this an annual camping trip with our best friends.

 Jaimers warming up by the flames

We had to run around the parking lot to get all our energies out before packing back up in the car