Friday, August 28, 2009

Colonnade Bike Park

Seth and I went to check out the Colonnade bike park in Seattle. It is awesome! We loved it! They have everything from super technical to very easy. We did a few practice rounds, went off the bump check and then went down a few much harder trails. I am so glad that I was wearing knee pads on my last run, I took a pretty hard endo and landed on my left knee. But no worries, I am totally fine and only left with a fairly colorful bruise. The day we went to the bike park there was a pro there riding for a photo shoot for a new brand of sunglasses, Native. We got to watch how a pro rides, it was so cool to see.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whistler Canada

 So... This was the most interesting trip I have ever been on.  Taylor, Shayly, Russell, Jeanne and Seth and I set out for a last minute get away.  Whistler was the destination, but since that is in Canada we had to first make it across the boarder, which was a problem since only a few of us had passports.  But we made it through with no problems, and we were on our way.  We had no plans, a ton of chips, limited funds, and we forgot Taylor's candy.  Seth and I were deemed the chaperones.  We finally made it to the condo, played a little rock band, unpacked and decided we were all hungry so we went to find a place to eat. 
  One thing about Whistler, everything is overpriced to the top dollar... kind of a problem for all of us college students.  But we found some decently priced fast food and then spent some time walking around and taking pictures.  Then later on that night we decided it would be best to go buy some food at the grocery store and make our meals.  So I don't know what we were thinking but us girls decided to stay at the condo while the boys went to go buy the groceries... we ended up with way way way too much food and way too much milk.  I guess you never know how much food will be eaten when Russell is around, but lets just say we had enough for three dinners every night!
  On Wednesday night we played an intense game of Yahtzee (I won!) and then we soaked it up in the hot tub and managed to get to bed at a decent hour.  Thursday morning we took our time getting up, and after a long time of debating on how to spend the day, we packed a lunch and took the lifts up to the top and explored the mountains and took over 200 pictures.  We all decided that it was much more enjoyable than we expected and we had a lot of fun.  Thursday night we went swimming at the rec center and it only took Shay and I a few painful tries to accomplish a well polished back flip off the rope swing.  Canadian life guards are very lenient and we played chicken and had stunting competitions and climbed up the rope swing, even though we weren't supposed to.  
  After that we went back to the condo and tried to play phase ten but I kept getting skipped, Seth couldn't get past the first phase, Russell was dominating and so we ended up playing some more rock band and watched a movie.  Friday we woke up early and managed to leave right on time, quite the accomplishment for us.  We only had to wait for FOREVER at the border and because the lines were so backed up they let us back into the states with no problems, even though we all didn't have scannable id's... sweet. On the way home we almost ran out of gas, we found two gas stations with no diesel and were stressing since we were way passed "E" but managed to fill up just in the nick of time.
  It was a great trip.  We plan on taking at least one summer trip together every year with our friends, but this was just our first.  Loved it! But we did learn a lot as well, things like, don't let the boys go grocery shopping, be prepared, have passports, bring enough clothes, wear sun screen even if you think you don't need it and pack utensils for the drive home.

Kam, this one is for you... bangin up Whistler

This picture sums up the trip quite nicely hahaha

We tried to get a cool shot over the glass bottom, but the funniest part was when an old lady got down and crawled under the railing to get a picture after we did

Oh Canada! Oh Canada!

The boys... they have been friends since... oh... I don't know, birth?

The tubby and unproportional rock man is the symbol for the 2010 Winter Olympics

Shayly and Taylor

Monday, August 17, 2009

The New Evans Family

Blake and Mimy Evans... married on Friday.  We are so excited for them!  We are especially excited that they will be staying here for a while and we will have more friends around.  

Dara and Chelsie pulled out the baseball mitts... BOTH caught the bouquet!


We have moved. 
Yup, you heard right.
Do not worry though, we haven't gone back to California and we aren't going back to Arkansas or Alabama.  We are staying here, actually we are right between the Acuna's and the Grisham's, literally 3.2 miles away from Seth's parents and 3.7 miles away from my parents.   Our new pad is also known as our small cottage loft, a perfect size for the two of us and any guests that may come our way.  Already one of my best friends, Kamry, and her cousin, Maddie, spent the weekend over here (see previous post for details).
These pictures are the first three we have... this is in the process of moving in... we no longer have that huge pile of clothes on our bed and boxes in the living room.  It took quite a while for us to get situated, but we are here now and here to stay... at least for a year. It seems kind of unreal still, since we have yet to live anywhere for more than two months. Traveling around Cali and then being transient here has been fun and all, but we are more than ready to settle down for once.  We'll post pics soon of what the place looks like after we have been moved in soon.

Our 1st Guests

Kamry and Maddie came over for a visit! It was so great to see them.  They were our first official house guests... since we have MOVED and all.  We stayed up late on Friday, as usual when Kam is in town, and got up late on Saturday morning, also usual when Kam is around (she is just the party animal) but we managed to get out and play an intense game of pickle ball, learn how to change the oil of our Honda (Seth taught us girls) and then Seth and I took Kamry and Maddie rock climbing at the Kent park. They LOVED it... well, they liked the repelling part.

I let Kam belay for me, she did a GREAT job for a first timer