Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seth the Venture Leader

Seth is the Federal Way ward venture leader and every Tuesday night he is out on activities with his boys. Sometimes I come and watch and I would participate but apparently pregnant women aren't allowed to do some activities. He sure loves his calling, mostly because he gets to play a lot. I just wanted to post some pictures of the fearless leader in action.

A little dodge ball action

The boys lacing up their skates, they told me they had some Olympic moves to show off

Vancouver 2010 OLYMPICS

Seth and I were there... in Vancouver! Seth went up on a Friday evening with his buddy, Taylor, to watch a hockey game, Latvia vs. Czech Republic. He said the game itself wasn't that great, mostly because in the Olympics the hockey players aren't allowed to fight and because Latvia was no good but it was just cool to be there at the games. On Saturday Seth and I drove up together to check out the place and try to meet some famous athletes. We did see the Russian figure skater who took silver but he looked kind of mad so we didn't want to bother him. We saw the torches burning, saw millions and millions of people everywhere, and while we were eating dinner and desert we watched the short track speed skaters compete. It was a great Saturday, we spent hours walking through the city and plan to go back after the Olympics are over and there aren't so many people there.

This was as close to the torches we wanted to get, there were way way way too many people and long lines to get to the balcony view

We also went to the China town there and ate dinner in the International Center

Monday, February 15, 2010

Pink and Blue Pictures

Sorry it took so long to put up pictures, Seth and I brought our camera to the party but never brought it out so I've been relying on Ashley to send me her pics. Our Pink and Blue party was a success, my parents and little brother and little sister flew back from Peru that afternoon so they were able to be there and we had TONS of good food. Enjoy the shots of Nana cutting the cake, she was rooting for team Blue.

Harper wasn't too thrilled that she will be surrounded by boys... obviously she was on team Pink