Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lindy Mae

Lindy Mae is here.
Its been a while but life hardly permits time to sit and type away. Lindy was born two weeks early on the morning of my baby shower so I didn't quite make it to the party but I heard it was fun.
Friday, March 15th, all day I was uncomfortable and kept having painful contractions but nothing consistent or even painful enough to merit a trip to the hospital. So finally towards the evening I wanted to get out of the house. Seth, luckily, was called off of work that night so we took Parker to my parents house and went to the gym. I walked 1.5miles on the treadmill while watching Seth in his spin class out of the corner of my eye (not creepy style at all). Walking actually helped my contractions go away and when we left the gym I felt great and was planning on sleeping really well. When we got back to my parents house we stayed for a while and hung out and then I suddenly started having contractions every ten minutes, then every eight minutes and then five and they were getting really painful. I kept denying being in labor but my mom finally convinced me that I should go to the hospital. So Seth and I came home, showered, got ready to go and then kissed Parker goodbye.
When we got to the hospital around midnight they sent me to triage in the labor and delivery unit. They were really full that night so I sat in a wheelchair for a few minutes. When the nurse at the front desk realized that it wasn't my first time being in labor and that I had been dilated to 4cm two days earlier she said that I get to skip triage and go straight to a delivery room. I really wanted an epidural and when I FINALLY got one I was dilated to 7.5cm and then it didn't even work all the way. I still had a "window" where the medication didn't reach do they upped my dosage while also moving me to a different position to get the medicine to reach all the way. Bad idea. With my dosage being upped my legs went numb and I couldn't even move them and I hated it. Never again will I get an epidural. When it came time to push like 2 hours later I couldn't feel anything on my lower extremities. I did not like that. I was afraid I wouldn't even know if I was pushing or not but I tried and ended up pushing three times and out she came. She was really eager to get here I guess.
Lindy Mae born at 5:26am, weighing in at 6lbs 12 oz and a height of 19.2 inches. It was a really really fast delivery and she's been a very easy baby. She gained weight well and at 4 weeks old she sleeps for a good 6 hours at night. So far so good. Big brother Parker has been taking very good care of her. He is extremely protective of his sister. He loves her so much that sometimes he needs to not be around her before she is hugged to death. We all just love our baby Lindy.