Friday, April 29, 2011

10 Months!

At 10 months Parker is busier and more curious than ever. He can do so many new tricks. He wants to walk so badly but just can't seem to figure it out on his own. His current favorite foods are mangos, blueberries, PB&J, yogurt and rice. He LOVES playing soccer. He is so happy to chase the ball around the house and he LOVES watching his dad play soccer every Thursday. He thinks brushing his teeth is hilarious. He likes to investigate new things thus we finally had to put baby locks on the cupboards. On average we read 5 books a day and if Parker had his way all the time we would have to read more. He prefers to play with tupperware, pots and pans and soccer balls over his regular toys. He loves the baby jogger and going running with me. He likes to look for airplanes and point them out to us by screaming and pointing when he sees one. He thinks the vacuum is a ride. The piano gets played everyday. He talks all the time but we have yet to understand him. He flirts with EVERYONE. When we put his sunglasses on him he actually leaves them on and doesn't try to take them off. When I took these pictures he wasn't interested in sitting still for too long so they didn't turn out as cute as I had hoped. Oh well, at this point you just take what you can get.

Oh Happy Day

Last Saturday my cousin, Jacen, and our good buddy, Anthony, were both baptized. Parker was very well behaved for both baptisms and so when we got home we let him crawl around on the grass. He isn't a huge fan of grass at the moment, our lawn is prickly and we will be re-doing the entire front and back yard this summer and hopefully he will learn to like it. But last weekend he was so happy to play in the yard with his daddy and didn't cry once when he touched the grass (big improvement from last time).

Friday, April 15, 2011

9 Months!

I promise these were actually taken when he was 9 months but I just haven't gotten around to putting them up til now. We have been super busy with work and school and family trips to the cabin and mostly at the end of the day I lack the motivation to update our blog. At 9 months Parker is a moving machine, moving monster, always on the go, even in his sleep! I will try to upload the video as proof but he knows what a cow, chicken and a sheep say. We are working on other animals but his favorite is the cow, he is good at moo-ing. He is an excellent little swimmer, LOVES to blow bubbles in the water and he is working on a regular kick rather than the little mer-man kick he was doing. He takes 2 good naps everyday. He LOVES his daddy so much. He is also an excellent eater. Right now his favorite foods are grapes, cheerios, meatballs, bananas, any kind of berry, spaghetti, anything I am eating, and as of recently he decided he loves kiwis. His favorite sport is soccer. No joke. He will play with his soccer balls all day long, chasing them all over and he always has the biggest smile when we hold him up and help him kick the ball around. He has no fear. Loves to go running with me. Loves reading books. I feel so lucky to be his momma!