Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parker is Taking Over

First of all, I LOVE being a momma. The only thing that could make life better is if Parker were potty trained, or at least let me know when he is done doing his business. Yet I find it funny that this very very small person has taken over the WHOLE house. He has his own room, a bed in our room, in the living room he has a bouncy chair, a tummy time mat, a play mat and a boppy pillow. He has blankets in every room, diapers and wipes in every room, he even requires his own laundry detergent and he has his own bath tub. I'd imagine if anyone one else were to suddenly start living with us they would not be allowed to take over like this. But we love him and Seth and I already know that the "Take Over" has barely begun.

We celebrated Parker's 1 month mark at the cabin. His swim trunks don't quite fit yet, but he'll grow into them. It was our first family vacation and we made it home right before Seth had to start B term for summer quarter at UW. So nice to get away for a couple days. Parker LOVED looking at the water and I just know he can't wait to go back. He is too little to go fishing this year, which really bummed Seth out, but maybe next year.

Parker loves his Grandma

Sunday the 25th of July was Parker's blessing day. He had the cutest white outfit, it made him look like he was going to the prom. The white blanket he is laying on was made by my Grandma and it took her MONTHS to make, its beautiful. Thanks to all our family and friends who came to be there for his blessing; it meant a lot to our family.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Few Firsts for Parker

We have some new firsts for little Parker. Yesterday we drove down to the annual Spader family camp-out and Parker got to meet baby Austin for the first time, they are 3 weeks apart. We had some fun in the shade, it was way too hot to be out in the sun. Parker mostly slept and ate and pooped though. Everyday Parker is growing and we are loving it. Last night after we got home from the camping trip we decided Parker was ready for his first real bath in his giant bath ducky! He loved it... for a while.

Big Yawn

This is how Parker likes to sleep when he is in a food coma

Cooling off in the shade, showing off the chest hair

Little Madie playing in the freezing cold lake

Dylan drying off

Cristina thinks she needs to get more sun... she is super tan already

Baby Austin... SOOO cute

Nana, Seth and Papa with Audrey and Austin hiding in the background

The only modest picture we have of Parker's first bath... this is his grumpy face, but he wasn't crying... yet