Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stair Climb 2010

The 2010 Stair Climb for Leukemia and Lymphoma. A few weeks ago Seth, Jordan and Brandon all ran 69 flights of stairs in the tallest building in Seattle, the Columbia Tower. They ran under the team of Connelly Law Offices but no one from the office showed up! Apparently there is a big case that needed immediate attention but next year they will have to come up with another excuse. Since Alyssa didn't make it I still got myself a t-shirt, which is my favorite part of running races. Obviously I didn't run, no strenuous activities for me these days. Seth got the best time out of the boys and out of the 3000 people that ran he placed exactly 100, not to shabby, but next time he wants to do much better.

Stretching and Warming Up... in front of a pizza place lol

I couldn't actually follow the boys up the stairs so the only shot I could get was an after shot of them coming down the escalator all tired out and sweaty

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Seth's 2nd Whidby Island Adventure

This last week was spring break so Seth and I tried to take full advantage of his time off from school. It sure was nice not having to get up at 7am every day and it was even nicer having him around all the time. We went on a three day trip to our family cabin on Whidby Island and the Harkers came with us. It was Celia and Chloe's first ferry ride, which was pretty exciting. We went out to my grandpa's new favorite restaurant, La Casita, which was delicious. Seth and I got up early on Tuesday and went fishing. The water was super clear and Seth was able to watch a fish come right up to his bait before he snagged it and reeled it in. The boys also went out to the big sand wall to do some shooting/target practice (funny how MY birthday present is Seth's favorite new toy). We played lots of frisbee, visited the town of Langley and built a pretty good fire to roast mallows. And on Wednesday afternoon we saw a huge gray whale right in front of our cabin. He was feeding off the sand shrimp and krill, it was so awesome to see. I have a video but I can't figure out how to load it quite yet. The whale would go up on his side and use one fin to dig/stir up the sand to find food. He was out there for so long that we finally got bored watching him. It was a good little vacation. I'm guessing next time we go to the cabin we will be bringin the little guy too.

Peter, Celia and Chloe

Gray whale on his side, one fin sticking out, pretty exciting to see up close

Sunday, March 14, 2010

BYU Weekend

For my big 21st birthday I decided to go down to Utah to see some of my very best friends and to watch some of the dancesport competition too. Seth and I had never been apart til this trip so I was really nervous about going but it was probably best that I let Seth get some good studying time in for finals week (apparently I distract him). I didn't tell many people that I was coming down, I apologize for that. Last time I was supposed to fly down I had to cancel at the last minute and was afraid that that might happen again, plus I just wanted to have a pretty easy going week. I have a few pictures but I wasn't really trying out my photography skills so they aren't the greatest shots I've taken. Thanks to Kamry and Martha for letting me crash, and to Andrew for letting me take Martha. I had a great time but I learned that leaving Seth isn't as easy as I thought it would be, especially because I didn't realize how much he does for me around here.

We went to watch Andrew's intramural basketball game, the boy has skills

We bowled... lets just say I averaged about a 60 for the three games we played, kind of embarrassing compared to Miss Martha who was on her high school bowling team

Kam and I went to the baseball game against UW. I wore my UW sweater to support my home team but when BYU was up by 14 runs in the top of the third I changed my allegiance

The dancesport competition was fun to watch, below is my sister's team performing, they placed 3rd in standard and 4th in latin

Rochelle, Me, Kamry, Martha, Andrew (Martha's soon to be husband)

Do I even look 6 months pregnant in these pictures?

This is a creative view of Andrew and Martha, they are adorable

I flew home on my 21st birthday and this is what I came home to, balloons everywhere, a huge party sign, some sparkling cider and birthday presents on the table... in case you are wondering, Seth did get me a .22 along with new fancy scriptures, flowers and extra ammunition

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am in Provo right now... will be for a few days... sad part = Seth is in Seattle!