Friday, December 23, 2011


Traveling (airplane, bus, taxi) for 26+ hours is exhausting.

The largest church in Sao Paulo has this image that apparently people make a pilgrimage to come and see.

The church has offering posts every 2 pews... there are literally a million pews here too

It started raining like crazy, I've never seen rain like this and I'm from Washington! I took the plastic backpack cover that comes with our REI pack and wore it around

Koi at on of the places we stayed at

Pointing out where our hotel was

Diego's family. We LOVE them and want to go back already

We ate Krepes every single day! We need to sell these at the Puyallup Fair and we'd make some serious cash.

I may or may not have drawn a heart in sunblock on Seth's back. He may or may not have been mad

Facetime with Parksies, what we did everyday