Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Friday night is date night, and since Seth and I have our tuition due here pretty soon we decided to keep our spending to a minimum at $2.37 for slurpees and $1.09 for a redbox.  Seth got home from work a little later and we were planning on practicing our aim with our slingshots and paintballs but with no sunlight left that was no longer an option. So we took our camera to the bridge above highway 18 and got some pretty fun light shots.  This first picture is the first shot we took, turned out pretty good.  We have way more pics but here are a few of our favorites.  We spent a while taking pictures above the highway, we probably looked like renegades attempting to jump to passersby, but it was fun and I didn't even get cold (rare).  When we got home we set up a big white sheet across the gazebo and borrowed Marty's projector and watched a movie outside on the deck, luckily we only escaped with three mosquito bites between the two of us, but it was way fun. 

We started getting creative and moving the camera around to manipulate the lights... 

Getting the right timing a waiting for a car to pass by without breaking took a while, but this is a close up of our final shot

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kent Rock Climbing

So we discovered this cool place in Kent, next to the training fire station.  We wanted to do some easy climbing to try out our new shoes we just got (we are only allowed to go to REI once a month).  This rock is at a public park, but you have to bring your own gear... at the top is the highest point above sea level in kent which we thought was quite cool.  It was a great way to spend an afternoon. There is even a little rock to do some bouldering on... a lot of fun.  We'll probably be going back pretty soon.

4th of July 2009

4th of July we went to my Uncle Gene and Aunt Kathryn's house out in South Prarie, since its not illegal to light fireworks there.  It was quite the party.  They had a HUGE blowup slide, it was like we were kids at Chuck-E-Cheese all over again, so much fun!  Then we tried to get some good shots of the fireworks with our camera... some turned out, some didn't.  The boys blew up a bucket, lit a tree on fire, and shot a bottle rocket into the garage... not at all surprising when it comes to my family.  It was a great 4th of July!

They even put floor wax on the slide to make it more slippery and fast... a little scary the first time

Seth managed to catch it at just the right time when they used an artillery shell to blow up a bucket

The twins, and a few other little kids (including my sister) all fell asleep in the funniest positions after the fireworks

F.H.E. at the Putting Zoo

The Blackners, Bjorns and Grishams battled head to head in an intense game at the putting zoo for F.H.E. a few weeks ago.  Kell and Lindsay ending up winning the competition, and for the sake of Khia and I the scores will not be posted, just know that Blackners came in a close 2nd and the Grishams came in a even closer 3rd.  Be expecting a rematch soon... 

The Champs

I can't tell if Joe is saying "peace" or he is saying they are number 2...

And Seth hit a few balls at the batting cages after we lost terribly

Our Little Garden

Seth and I have now taken our 2nd steps towards parenthood and added some more responsibility into our lives... thus we have created a little garden.  We have random sizes of pots spread out along the deck and a few plants out in the backyard.  So far we have only lost two lettuce plants, but everything else is thriving.  We have chives, pumpkins, zucchinis, tomatoes, lettuce and about a million radishes growing (we both like radishes a lot).  We also tried to plant catnip but we think a mole ruined it.  And we are doing really well when it comes to remembering to water them, and since we cheated with using pots we don't have to weed them.