Sunday, June 30, 2013

No TV Summer

I am attempting to cut us off from TV this summer. We don't watch too much anyways but there is always something better to do than watch the telly. So we are now getting out and doing something EVERYDAY. It's been really fun for me to plan new activities and we get to spend time with a lot of different friends. My house also stays surprisingly clean too, but that's because we aren't home to mess it up. We normally hit up the park as often as we can. There were a couple really rainy days in a row so we went to the church building and raced Parker's remote control cars around in the gym. If we get up and get going in the morning then Parker is always ready for a nap in the afternoon, which is always motivating for me to plan something fun to do.

We went to the zoo with Kimberli and Ashlynn on Thursday. The rain couldn't deter us anymore from being outside. Lindy loved seeing all the animals... She slept most of the time.

Parker and Lindy are my little snuggle bugs. If this weren't the sweetest thing I'd be more upset they are both in my bed. Lindy is a great sleeper, amazing actually. Parker always gets his 10 hours in at night too and he loves to sleep in. 

Went to the splash park with Ashley and Gage and Harper on Friday. We had the ultimate setup with my awesome sun shade tent and camp chairs and Lindy's beach pack and play. Got a lot of moms asking where I got the tent, they were super jealous. Parker LOVES the splash park. It's a good thing too since he will be taking swim lessons here and we will most likely go to the park right after. He ran and ran and played and played and occasionally stopped for snacks and water. He slept super hard Friday night to say the least.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Children's Museum

Went to the children's museum with Austin and Gavin. Wanted to see a lot of Austin before he moves away. We had so much fun, those boys were busy busy busy. Lindy liked the museum too, her and baby Hazley just hung out and chatted. Parker is learning to explore and he and Austin and Gavin play so well together. There was a fun giant light bright thing, a HUGE train set and Parker liked playing "cooking for mom" in the kitchen. We can't wait to go back. Then when we got home Parker and Lindy snuggled up before nap. Then I proceeded to fold about 10 loads of laundry... But that's what I get for being so busy over the weekend.

Busy Busy Monday

With Seth having Mondays off we always get out and do as much as we possibly can together. This last Monday we woke up at 4:30am to go to a big training hike on Mt. Rainier. I love that Seth is all about hiking and climbing and running. I think I'd go insane if he wasn't into that. We were supposed to do the camp Sherman route but we got pointed in the wrong direction and ended up doing a portion of the Wonderland trail. It was still a good hike and fun but we were definitely disappointed in the end. So we decided to come home and have fun with the kids. We went on a run together and then went swimming in lake Geneva, Seth is triathlon training, and then played at the park there. It was a late night but we had fun making pizza as a family and spending time together. Seth and I want to teach our kids to play hard and play outside and play together. We love keeping busy and staying active. Of course it's more difficult with a sweet adorable little baby girl but we make it work and we are looking forward to the day when we can go on backpacking trips with the kids.

Monday, June 17, 2013

3 years old

Happy birthday to my little fireman. We had a great birthday celebration at station 51 on Saturday. A fun fun fun day. Ice cream cake, coloring, presents, favorite foods, good friends and all things firefighter.

Uncle Spencer and cousin Austin with fireman Eddy

Gage let Fireman Eddy pick him up and show the other kids that fireman are good guys that will come save you if you're stuck in a fire

The last three times we've been down to the station to visit Grampy they've gotten a call and the super loud alarms go off so Parker was very concerned that it would happen again

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Parker Speaks

When Parker got sick and his fever finally broke
Mom: Wow, you're all sweaty.
Parker: Yeah... Hey look, blankie and lovie are sweaty too!

Trying to get Parker to lay down and take a nap I very gently kept pushing his head back onto the pillow
Parker: (sitting straight up) Mom! You don't push. It's not very nice and (pointing finger) if you push me one more time you're gonna have to go to your room and have a time out to think about your choices.
Mom: (trying soooo hard not to laugh) I'm so sorry, you're right.
Parker: Thats what I thought 

He's quite a chatter box after nap time
Grandma: How was your nap?
Parker: Pretty good. But at the hotel there were 5 beds. A bed for me and daddy and mommy and lindy and Brandon and Grammy and Grampy and a swimming pool where I jumped in the water but it wasn't very cold only a little bit cold and we had Keaton and Kourtneys wedding and first Keaton got married and then Kourtney got married and I said no let's go play outside and now my tummy wants something to drink like maybe blue Gatorade. 
(True story, all one sentence and said in one breath)

He mixes up only one word. Forgot.
Dad: Okay, I'm ready for work
Parker: Did you got-for your wallet?
Dad: No, I didn't FORGET my wallet. Say FORGET. 
Parker: FORGET! But oh darn it, I forgot-for to get you your keys.

Trying to get Parker to eat his broccoli 
Dad: Hey little tree, I'm gonna eat you. Yum yum yum
Parker: Hey little tree, I'm NOT going to eat you

Mom: okay, so we are going to go to the park, eat lunch, then we have to go take a nap after that.
Parker: how about, okay, this is the plan, lets eat our lunch treats first, THEN go to the park THEN have no nap time and go to the park again? I think that's a good plan

Arriving at grandmas house we go in through the garage where she keeps her food storage 
Parker: I think I better stop and go get an apple juice
Mom: I think you need to ask grandma first 
Parker: yes but she always tells me it's okay so I will just get one now

I once heard that 3 year olds ask an average of 347 questions a day. Parker has always been an above average kind of kid. Here's a few of his most memorable questions...
When I was a little baby was Lindy a big boy?
Where does Prophet Monson live? At the temple or church?
Who watched me when you were married?
Are you listening to me?
Did mommy like crackers when she was a little boy like me?
(Standing in line at the grocery store) who is that old lady over there?
What are we going to do today? Something fun or something bored?
Can I have spaghetti for breakfast?

Lindy Lou Who

I feel like time is flying by. With Seth's new work schedule the weeks go so fast. He's pretty much gone Tuesday to Friday and that's when I do all my errands, cleaning, shopping, busy work, as much laundry as possible, etc etc. Then the weekends come and we try to live it up as much as we can and stay super busy. I know lindy is my second baby, and I was warned this would happen, but I feel like she's growing too fast and I hardly ever have time to just hold her and stare at her sweet face. With Parker I had all the time in the world. I just love my girl and I don't want to forget how sweet and little she was. I feel like she's not my last baby, maybe we've got one or two more coming, who knows. At almost 3 months Lindy sleeps 8 to 9 hours every single night has been since four weeks. She smiles all the time and loves loves loves to snuggle up. She's got ninja moves and loves to kick and punch. Parker loves to smell her hair and hold her and he is especially (not) helpful when she needs a diaper change. Lindy is just a beautiful little baby. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sold our little motorcycle. Sad to see it go. I learned to ride on this bike and loved it. We sold it to a dad and his 13 year old twin sons so I'm happy about that. 

Chasing this almost 3 year old around all day is so fun/exhausting/worth it.

We love watching our little miss Mae grow.

Parker got sick again. Every month he gets sick, poor guy. We blame it on the germs at auntie Ashley's daycare. It's hard to get anything done with a sick boy who needs constant attention.

Lindy had her first ponytail today, which is big news. She gets her toenails painted all the time and soon she'll be able to have cute hairstyles. Love my girl.
Great Sunday today. I was the first one up this morning. Parker could sleep til 11 if I let him. Lindy normally wakes up at 8:30, she's an amazing baby. I was just feeling so blessed. I have a wonderful family and its crazy to think I'm at the point in my life of being a full time mother of very small children. I love it. We had big family dinner after church to celebrate the twins birthday. The kids played hard and Christie made delicious tequila pasta (the alcohol gets cooked out, don't freak). I love all my sister in laws, they are so fun. Then we came home and had a little fire in the backyard and roasted mallows. I love sitting by the fire with my family and just chatting and looking at the stars and where we live we also see a lot of airplanes pass by. We had set up the big tent earlier to let it dry and air out so now the boys are sleeping out there tonight. Parker loves all things outdoors and is so excited to sleep with Seth outside. Lindy and I are having a girls night. I did drag a twin mattress out there for them to snuggle up on because hey, why not, took less time to get the mattress outside than it would have to blow up the air mattress. We'll see how they sleep tonight. Those boys are best friends.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Kent Rock Wall

Went climbing in Kent. Parker loves rock climbing and we are getting him a harness for his birthday. We had to make a harness out of webbing this time but after his party next Saturday he'll be set. Seth was lead climber and set the rope but next time it's my turn. It's a bit more of an adrenaline rush when you lead. There's also a smaller rock to boulder around on, Parker liked that. We were using a new, really nice and expensive, belay device that took us all a while to get used to but it was so sweet. No more figure 8s for us. 

Then we hurry rushed home to get ready for Dan and Ashley's wedding. It was soooo much fun. We loved the venue, union station. Parker got to dance and look at the cool glass everywhere. It was a super fun night out with the family.