Monday, March 7, 2011

8 Months!

At 8 months Parker is on the move! He LOVES to climb, crawl, play the piano, chase me and seth, run away and he loves to talk and especially loves to eat. His new favorite foods are grapes and yogurt. He yells for me in the middle of the night, a very coherent MAMAMAMA! But when he's happy and laughing he yells a very coherent DADADADA. He tries to talk to me all the time and get a kick out of trying to mimic us. We love our Parker boy. His little, or shall I say, BIG personality is really showing through. He is excellent at clapping and giving high fives. We are working on waving good-bye but he'd rather just give high-fives. He is constantly flirting and smiling at all the ladies he meets. Ohhhh Parker boy, how you have grown!