Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Tree Cutting 2010

This year we did not have that great of a turn out for the big Christmas Tree cutting the day after Thanksgiving. We are always so excited to get out the snow gear and head to the mountains to play but... this year most people were already tired of the snow before Thanksgiving even arrived. Stupid El Nino. But us Grishams are troopers and we headed out to find us a tree. Unfortunately, we could not get high enough on the mountain-side to go where the good trees are but my sweet husband trekked for a long time and brought us back a winner. The boys built some sweet snow forts for an epic snowball fight that didn't even take place because Gage was always in the line of fire trying to play with the forts. And Seth and I were rockin' some beanies that I made myself! It was a lot of fun and everyone who didn't come really missed out.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1st Time Swimming

PK LOVES swimming. Look out Michael Phelps!!! He needs to work on his kicking because right now he just kicks like a little merman (not to be confused with a mermaid) but he loves to splash and play. It was even awesome for me because he was sooo tired after swimming that he slept for a good two hours when we got home. We are going to try and go swimming at least once a week with Parkers cousins, or at least until I run out of little swimmer diapers. The family swim during the middle of the day is awesome on account of no one is there and we got to chat with the lifeguards and pretty much have the pool to ourselves.


Parker Duck and Austin Frog had their first Halloween this year. I don't think they really cared for the candy, but they loved the big smiles and kisses they got from everyone. Sorry these pictures aren't that great, they are from my phone.

Lovie Bear

Parker has a lovie. His name is Lovie Bear. Parker loves him and will not fall asleep without him. Am I concerned about this? Not at all. Parker is all boy and I am sure that soon enough he will let go of Lovie Bear for soccer balls and lego monsters. I do have one problem however... How in the world am I going to find time to wash it?

P.S. today Parker whispered to me that he loves Auntie Jessica