Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remlinger Farms

Back in the beginning of July sometime (I am very behind on blogging) while the big boys were away at scout camp, Parker and I went with our friends to Remlinger Farms. It was so much fun! The girls got their faces painted, we got to take a train ride, drive a car, play in the hay, ride roller coasters and the girls even got to ride a horse. Parker loved it and I especially loved having something fun to do while Seth was away. I think next year he will love it even more, he didn't care too much about seeing the animals and was too young to go on the rides. Thanks so much Angells for inviting us to tag along!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer of Projects

This summer has been FUN and FULL of projects. My husband is so great and he is exceptionally cute when he does manly things. Projects that he has done so far:
- The pictures are of the 20 yards of dirt we had delivered and spread over the back yard to level it out a bit and fill in some holes, everyone was always tripping back there
- Re-done the ENTIRE garage including adding insulation, drywall, painting, installing cabinets for my food storage and adding padding
- Built a super fancy glass fencing around the back deck so Parker can play outside
- Built me a 2nd garden box and built me really big and really nice trellises for my peas
- Re-done the entire front yard including, bringing in new plants and trees and he helps me constantly weed and keep it up
- Built a frame around the door to the garage
- Installed a garbage disposal for me
- Re-did half the back fence because the guy who installed it did a crappy job
- His current and biggest project thus far is building a shed (without any plans) which includes pouring a cement base, framing, manly stuff, installing siding, building a door
- Once the shed is complete, which won't be long, we are re-roofing the house

Basically my husband is an amazingly hard worker and this summer has been very productive. How he manages to work at the hospital, take us on a few vacations, have plenty of time to play with PK and go out on dates with me and still have time to do all these projects and sleep is beyond me. I feel accomplished when I shower and get the laundry done!

Parker LOVES LOVES LOVES to help his daddy do manly things. Anything involving outside and especially dirt is PK's domain. I'm not worried too much though, he needs to get used to it, I'll have plenty of work for him to do when he's older.