Sunday, July 14, 2013

Clear Lake Triathalon

Seth has been training hard to do his first Triathlon. He's always wanted to do one. His really good climbing friend, Mitch Hungate, did ironman triathlons and was an amazing climber. When Mitch died in an avalanche a few months ago Seth decided he'd do a tri for Mitch, especially since he was hoping to do one with him someday. It was just a sprint distance, 1/3 mile swim, 14 mile bike, 4 mile run. Still seems like quite an accomplishment to me though. The kids came with me to support him and were so excited to watch and cheer for Seth. There was the cutest kids tri afterwards and if we would have known we would have had Parker race too. Seth did really well. He was very prepared and ended up 15th overall and 1st in his age division. He needs to work on swimming a bit more, but how are you supposed to practice swimming with a ton of people kicking you in the face or running into you? He was a really strong rider and runner and came across the finish looking great. I'm very proud of him. 

Starting the running portion he said he felt like he was walking because he had just been riding really fast, even though he was running about a 6 minute mile.

Parker was all about the snack bar at the end of the race.

The timing company I work for, BuDu Racing, was doing this event and they let Parker run through the finish. He was so excited.

Monday, July 8, 2013

More of our Whidbey Island Adventures

Growing up I remember spending almost the entire summer at our cabin on Whidbey Island. We are lucky enough to still have time throughout the summer to go back and have Parker and Lindy experience "island life." We did what we always do at the cabin: play games, soak up the sun, shell hunting, play in the waves, explore the small towns, long walks on the beach, bonfires and lots of crabbing.

We even decided to take the long way home and go up to Deception Pass and spend time exploring there. Loved it!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

No TV Summer

I am attempting to cut us off from TV this summer. We don't watch too much anyways but there is always something better to do than watch the telly. So we are now getting out and doing something EVERYDAY. It's been really fun for me to plan new activities and we get to spend time with a lot of different friends. My house also stays surprisingly clean too, but that's because we aren't home to mess it up. We normally hit up the park as often as we can. There were a couple really rainy days in a row so we went to the church building and raced Parker's remote control cars around in the gym. If we get up and get going in the morning then Parker is always ready for a nap in the afternoon, which is always motivating for me to plan something fun to do.

We went to the zoo with Kimberli and Ashlynn on Thursday. The rain couldn't deter us anymore from being outside. Lindy loved seeing all the animals... She slept most of the time.

Parker and Lindy are my little snuggle bugs. If this weren't the sweetest thing I'd be more upset they are both in my bed. Lindy is a great sleeper, amazing actually. Parker always gets his 10 hours in at night too and he loves to sleep in. 

Went to the splash park with Ashley and Gage and Harper on Friday. We had the ultimate setup with my awesome sun shade tent and camp chairs and Lindy's beach pack and play. Got a lot of moms asking where I got the tent, they were super jealous. Parker LOVES the splash park. It's a good thing too since he will be taking swim lessons here and we will most likely go to the park right after. He ran and ran and played and played and occasionally stopped for snacks and water. He slept super hard Friday night to say the least.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Children's Museum

Went to the children's museum with Austin and Gavin. Wanted to see a lot of Austin before he moves away. We had so much fun, those boys were busy busy busy. Lindy liked the museum too, her and baby Hazley just hung out and chatted. Parker is learning to explore and he and Austin and Gavin play so well together. There was a fun giant light bright thing, a HUGE train set and Parker liked playing "cooking for mom" in the kitchen. We can't wait to go back. Then when we got home Parker and Lindy snuggled up before nap. Then I proceeded to fold about 10 loads of laundry... But that's what I get for being so busy over the weekend.