Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Five Days...

Although it has only been five days thus far, married life is going quite well, great actually. Seth and I have a lot in store for the month of December: anniversary on the 20th, Seth's birthday on the 23rd and Christmas on the 25th and of course Boxing Day on the 26th.
We spent about two days in downtown Seattle at the W (which does not stand for the Weston but is the sweetest hotel ever, we highly recommend it). Two days at the Backman Cabin (sweetest cabin ever, we also highly recommend being a friend of the Backmans). Did a lot of shoppin and boardin and came back home early Christmas Eve morning.
In the Spader family, my mother's side, we have this tradition where all of us grandkids dress up in costumes and re-enact the nativity story. Last year Toren and Audrey had the opportunity to be Joseph and Mary but since this year they spent the holidays in Oregon, naturally the responsibilty fell upon Seth and I. We had a great Christmas Eve with my family; we were even allowed to sit at the big kid table this year too!
Christmas morning we were with the Grishams. It was the first Christmas I remember not being woken up by a younger sibling at 6 in the morning... Instead I was woken up by a husband who just couldn't wait for Christmas breakfast. And we had a wonderful Christmas dinner with all of the Grishams too; even little Gage, but Seth is not allowed to play with him too much... I don't want him getting any ideas just yet...

Pictures will be posted soon, but we had to get this started ASAP for Ashley's sake, but if you want some pics now just check out Gage's blog. He's got us covered.