Thursday, August 26, 2010

Acuna Family Photo Shoot

We, as in the Acuna family, have not had a family picture since... 2006? So with Cristina and Samuel leaving for BYU at the end of the month we had to squeeze in time for a family photo shoot. It was Seth and Parker's first time in the Acuna family pictures, Seth did wonderful... Parker... cried or slept in all the pictures. But I can't blame him, he had just gotten his two month shots right before pictures so he was not a very happy camper. The wonderful Miss Stephanie Jarstad took our pictures, she also did our engagements and wedding photos before her mission to Colorado. We love Steph. Here are a few of my fav unedited pictures that I wanted to post. Thanks so much Stephie!!!

Shout out to my favorite little sister! I love you so much. You are going to have a wonderful time at school and make so many new friends. Remember who you are. Call or skype us all the time, except for when you are supposed to be doing homework or something. We can't wait to hear all about your BYU adventures. Go Cougs!

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Phone is on the Fritz

My phone has been acting up like crazy so I am taking it in to get fixed or possibly replaced. I have tons of pictures on my phone and didn't want to loose any, so I downloaded them onto the computer. The quality isn't very good but I have a few favorites I decided to post.

Day One with the little guy

Our first family outing, we went walking on the BPA trail behind our house

Look at the dimples!

Parker has bed head!

This is before his legs chunked up

I love this! Can you tell he is a husband and a dad? Purse... Diaperbag...

Whenever we say, "Give me a kiss!" this is what he does

Thumbs up for his Aunties

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My cute boy child

This is one of the cutest outfits and I had to get pictures of Parker in it today in case he outgrew it in the next couple days, which is quite possible. He didn't like it very much but probably only because he didn't realize how good lookin it was on him.

Ocean Shores

Since this weekend was going to be super hot we decided to head to the coast. I have never been to Ocean Shores before and neither has Parker so we figured we might as well go enjoy a day at the beach... except for the heat never quite made it to the coast. We had a great time even though it was much colder than anticipated. I had no idea you could drive on the beach, park your car and get out and play right there. We woke up early on Sunday morning to beat everyone else and get a sweet spot on the beach (which we did) and we also managed to make it to a small church branch out there as well. We spent the whole day playing and eating and Parker spent most of his time doing what he does best... sleeping and eating. Thanks Justin and Ashley for inviting us to go!

Gage and Justin playing baseball... notice the size of Gage's glove to the rest of his body... quite hilarious

For the short time Parker was awake we went down to the water, which was freezing, but we got a good pic of him smiling with his dad

Seth likes to give his son candy... this is his first taste of salt water taffy, but licorice is his favorite, no wonder he is such a chub ball

This is the coolest thing ever, it is like a mini tent/play area just for the beach... Parks loved it

Oh Boys...

I just love watching my husband and my son together. Seth always tells Parker that he is the man of the house when he's gone and he tries to teach little Parker to do man things. The other day they were both in their plaid shorts with their shirts off working on the house and then today Parker had his first shower (mostly because he had pooped twice all over himself). Seth is so good with Parker, he is such a fun dad. In no time those boys are going to be out camping, grunting, working out and doing other man things.

He's paying attention to his dad, trying to learn how to properly use a drill

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Stats - 8 weeks

This week I had a very traumatic experience... I had to leave Parker for three hours! Seth was at school and I had to go to the dentist for my first ever cavity (which was very traumatic in and of itself). My mother was sooo excited to baby-sit but I was sooo nervous to leave him. Its not that I don't trust my mom or anything, but it was going to be Parker's first time without one of his parents and he has become very much aware of when we are not the ones holding him. When I left, he cried for a few minutes and then slept the rest of the time so I don't think he noticed I was gone. It was traumatic for me, don't make fun. Parker has turned into such a chub ball; I LOVE IT. He weighs in at 12lbs 15oz with a length of 23.5in putting him in the 75th percentile for both his weight and height but proportionately he comes in at the 50th percentile. He is very much a boy, he grunts all the time, he loves sitting in his poop, it makes him laugh and smile and although I don't document all his blow-outs and boogers like some people I know, they do happen quite often. Speaking of which, I think he just blew out his clothes again...

All dressed up for Church! Ash, see if you have a picture of Gage in this outfit.

Look close... he's got a baby mohawk

Waving hello, one of his favorite things to do

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Friends!

I have friends! Kamry and Rochelle and Alyssa came to visit us this week. They weren't able to stay for long but it was still sooooo good to see them. Alyssa left Tuesday morning for China, lucky! And Kam and Ro will be back at BYU in the fall. Parker was super excited to see them and he loved them right away. He wants to see them again soon, he told me so. Thanks for coming to visit. We had so much fun!

Flashback: Freshmen year... Kamry in the neon yellow, Rochelle in the green skirt and blue glasses

Have fun in China Alyssa!