Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Feeling Sentimental

How he has grown. Its goes way to fast.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

6 Months! Halfway to 1 Whole Year!

The 6th month was a great month. Okay, in all honesty, it was a tough month. Parker cut two bottom teeth and is still cutting more, hence almost ALL the pictures he has something in his mouth. I was super sick for a week and then Parker got the flu too. It was way more miserable for me when my baby was sick. And he is currently going through a stage where if he wakes up at night he only wants his momma... BUT! I really am loving every day with this kid. He is so funny and is SUCH a boy, wait, let me re-phrase that, he is SUCH a GRISHAM boy. And if you know a Grisham boy then you know what I mean. And when Parker prefers me over Seth its hard not to secretly love it. I can't believe we are halfway to a year already... And actually as of today he is 7 months, but you probably expected that from me.

Snow Family

It snowed a few days ago and it was PERFECT snow for making a snow family. I was so excited because when it snowed around Thanksgiving it was sooooo freezing and the snow was more icy and we couldn't make anything. So after putting Parker to bed we went to work on our snow family. We have a video monitor in Parker's room and he just snoozed the whole time we were outside, which was wonderful. My snow-mama is on the right, next to the snow-daddy and in front is our little snow-love-child. Then we came inside, had some hot cocoa and went to bed, since there was still school the next day. In the morning I opened the curtains to show Parker our snow family and it had already melted!

Golfing with snowballs

Don't ask why I am standing like a goof in this pic

Christmas 2010

Whew! It has been a while. Lets just sum it up by saying... look to my previous post. We have been sick in this household but by now our immune systems are stronger and we are ready to fight off anything that comes our way. So my Christmas pictures are definitely late but hey, lets be serious, I am not known for my punctuality. I wish I would have taken more pictures on Christmas day, especially during our Grisham family dance off, but Christmas day was when the flu hit hard. Christmas Eve I also don't have many pictures of and I can't think of a valid excuse as to why. Either way, we had a wonderful Christmas Eve and a wonderful Christmas morning at our house. Parker was so excited about his presents, and when I say Parker, I mean Parker's dad. We set out the cookies for Santa, as usual, and we must have left out some fantastic cookies because he left us some pretty great stuff. Parker got some sippy cups and a sensory ball. Seth got LOTS of his favorite treats, a pineapple, and a REI sleeping bag. I got some of my favorite treats a wok, new workout pants and some bamboo spatulas (sounds not that exciting, but I was ecstatic). Also, please notice that Parker has different jammies on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning... we switched to special nighttime diapers after that incident.