Friday, February 25, 2011


Parker had his very first haircut today. I wanted to wait until his first birthday but he was turning into a sweat ball and his scraggly hairline was getting crazy. He also prefers to have a mohawk and it was borderline X-treme with his long hair so we decided to just cut it. We trimmed it up, shortened it and made him look exceptionally cuter than ever. Heidi is his hairstylist and she was so nice to make a house call just for Parker. He did pretty well for a while because he was drinking some of my fruit smoothie but when we ran out he was not so happy and I had to hold him so Heidi could finish up.


I forgot to turn off the flash here and he is being a goof



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

7 months!

Parker is exceptionally cute at 7 months old, but that comes to no surprise. His favorite thing to do is to flirt with all the ladies everywhere we go... nurses, cashiers, waitresses. He is a ladies man all the way. At 7 months he is really into standing, climbing, crawling super fast, eating new foods and doing guy stuff with his daddy. We had to buy a second bumper to put on his crib because he will wake up at night and try to stand up still half asleep, after one minor bump on the head we don't want to go through that again. He is also doing great putting himself to sleep after we read books at night. His newest trick is giving high fives. He LOVES going running with me and every week we go out for a family run, all three of us. I had to buy him some new sunglasses because he grew out of the little ones that strap to his head and surprisingly he leaves his sunglasses on, no attempt to take them off which is amazing. We LOVE our little chunk monster!

I taught him the itsy bitsy spider

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a Day!

Reluctantly, Parker and I left the house today for some much over-due errands. I first took my phone to the Sprint store as it was acting up and the outside cover was a bit stretched out. The guy who helped me out said that normally they would just clean it up and replace the backing but then he said not to worry about it and instead I am having a brand new phone shipped to the house free of charge! WOW! I was super excited. THEN I went to Old Navy because my sweet husband bought me a watch there and the other day it just stopped working. I only had this watch for less than a week. Problem here was I had thrown away the receipt. The lady at the counter said normally they don't allow you to return or exchange without an original receipt but just this once she was going to let it slide. SWEET, I also got a brand new watch, a hot pink one this time. THEN as I was loading Parker in the car a random stranger said, "Excuse me, I am not weird or anything, but do you want some towels and pillows?" Initial thought: yes, you are weird and is towels and pillows code for something else? But this nice gentlemen works for a company called standard textiles based out of Cincinnati, Ohio and he had a trunk full of brand new towels, down pillows, bed sheets, a queen size down comforter and beach towels that he brought up here for a meeting and couldn't take back on the flight home. He said I could have them all for free. NO WAY! I was so pumped! Moral of the story: next time I feel reluctant to get out and cross things off my to-do list, I have to keep in mind that I never know what could happen.