Sunday, April 26, 2009

Seth's 1st Whidbey Island Adventure

This last weekend I was FINALLY able to take Seth to one of my favorite places in the world... The Cabin!  My grandparents own a cabin right on the water on Whidbey Island.  I've stayed there every summer as far back as I can remember.  Seth was excited to ride the ferry over and check out the place.  We drove up on Friday night, Seth built me a fire (thats a man's job), we roasted some hotdogs and mallows and took a few night shots with the camera.  Then on Saturday morning Alyssa and Matt drove over.  It was a full day! We went biking, toured the town of Langley for a bit, had lunch at some fancy restaurant, went fishing, cooked our fish and ate them too, built a fire, set off some fireworks and roasted some more mallows before hitting the sack.  We all had a great weekend at the cabin.  Thanks Nana and Papa for letting us go!  Seth can't wait to go back again... he wants to try to beat me out in fishing... don't think it'll happen though... check out the pictures. 

This is standing on the boat launch looking across the water to the city of Everett

We tried to get a cool shot here, but our heads got cut off at the top... notice the "Grishams" on the log, I wrote that with the charcoaled end of my poking stick

This shot is a little better, but kinda looks like our faces are being burnt off

Seth took this one... I think he's getting pretty good with the SLR

Basically... a rusty old chain... but I thought it looked pretty cool

Alyssa trying to catch some sand shrimp to use as fishing bait

Its a rule to wear lifejackets when you go in the boat... but Seth wanted to wear my grandpa's big orange hunting vest too

So proud of his catch

Do a quick size comparison here... who's the better fisherman?

Seth holding up MY catch... that sucker was HUGE.  We think it was alive in prehistoric times

Just another comparison shot. Honestly, I just got lucky... lucky that I didn't break my pole trying to reel that monster in

Reflection of the deck

This is Alyssa's catch of the day... the stupidest crab in the world! She caught it because it was holding onto the the sand shrimp that we used for bait and wouldn't let go.  It was just asking to be eaten

Waterfront view from the deck

Right before bed Seth wanted to get one more night shot and a plane flew into the picture but it turned out pretty sweet

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunny Seattle Day

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and we decided to take a little family trip to Seattle.  We had lunch at the Red Robin on the waterfront, got some ice cream and then went to the big water dome at the Seattle Center.  It was a great day and we got some good shots in the sunshine.  Seattle can be so much fun when its nice and warm outside... feels like summer is coming.

Gage is a great climber... which in this situation is not a good thing

Sutton never looks at the camera, this is the best one I could get

Don't worry, there is just a diaper bag in that stroller

Shellee and Sutton

Justin, Ashley and Gage

We were celebrating our four month anniversary...

Attempted Family Picture

The day before Keaton left for Japan for the Marines we attempted taking a family picture.  It was much more difficult than we had anticipated.  Here are a few of the good ones...

(There was a picture of the Grisham Girls here but Ashley black mailed me into deleting it)

Just the Kids

Then the day that Keaton left, we all got to take him to the airport and we were given security passes so that we could see him off at the gate, which was probably the coolest thing.  We even go to ride that little train to get to gate N.  And sadly, we forgot our camera in the car, otherwise we'd have pictures of that.  He is now in some place in Japan that I can't spell or pronounce but so far is doing great.  We love you Keaton!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Instead of taking the scenic route home along the coast, we decided to take the longest possible way back and go through Utah.  We took a trip to Moab with our friends Brooke and Tyler and had a blast.  We went jeeping on Jeep Safari, a totally new experience for both of us, and biked slick rock, which is the best way to celebrate Easter.  We didn't bring our camera to go biking due to a tendency to endo, but we did bring our camera to the north window at 4 in the morning to get some sunrise shots... but since it was raining really hard we all slept in the car until about 6:45am (right after sunrise) and managed to get some good pics.  It was such a fun weekend and totally worth the extra 13 hours of driving.

Example of trying to get a cool shot that didn't turn out the way I planned

This is a night shot we tried out by keeping the shutter open for over a minute... turned out pretty decent

This is Tyler being chivalrous 

Obviously, its never a good idea to take a picture from the backseat of any vehicle... but this is the only pic we have of the line of Jeeps on Jeep Safari

And finally... this is the girls sexy pose showing off the Jeep... looks so natural doesn't it?