Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Parker says the Darnest Things

Carmen: Look at all that construction. There's a excavator.
Parker: No, silly mom, that's not an excavator, that's a front end loader. And over there on that side is the fork lift and bulldozer.

Parker: Momma, I love baby Lindy.
Carmen: You do?
Parker: And bananas. I love bananas too!

Parker: (crying) I don't want to take a nap!
Carmen: Take a deep breath, let's just try to take a little rest.
Parker: I don't want deep breaths OR (giant yawn) little rests.
2 minutes later he's sleeping

Parker: Mom, do you know about transformers?
Carmen: You can tell me about the transformers.
Parker: They transform!

Keaton: Guess what? I am getting married.
Parker: No! I can't get married!

Seth: I have to go to work now. Stay and take care of mama for me okay?
Parker: No, she take care of me.
Seth: Okay, love you, Bye!
Parker: No, I don't want mom! Save me daddy! Save me!

Parker: Mom, what did you get?
Carmen: What do mean?
Parker: What did you get from Santa?
Carmen: I got cooking stuff.
Parker: Oh. (long pause) You wanted cooking stuff? I don't want cooking stuff.

Talking in his sleep
Parker: Am I feeling better yet? No, I don't want to feel better. I want a popsicle.

Parker: Get off me, dog.

Favorite Songs to Sing:
I am like a Star Shining Brightly
I hope they call me on a mission
Rescue Bots theme song