Sunday, May 17, 2009


Here is a quick update for any of you who care... We have been pretty busy lately with school and work and haven't had too much time for blogging (I know, such a shame).  I got my old job back waitressing at Fondi in the Kent Station, which is great because now that Seth is no longer working I get to be the bread winner and Seth gets to do laundry.  
Seth is taking a class at the BCC campus and is waiting to hear from N-Link on the job but he also just took his firefighting test yesterday at scored a 94.14% which means he has a good chance at getting on the list to be interviewed.   Tomorrow he is attending an orientation and Tuesday is taking the CPAT, he says its a pretty basic physical fitness test. 
Memorial day weekend we are planning on road-trippin out to Wenatchee to see Kamry and the rest of the White family.  
Other than that we are doing fine and dandy.  We have gotten on a little Mario-kart kick and are training to beat out Mimy and Blake Evans pretty soon here.