Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Additions to the Family

I got an email from my older brother complaining that we have not updated our blog in a long time. I was a bit surprised because I thought that Samuel didn't even know what a blog was. But thus, here I am updating on a few new additions to our family...
Seth and I finally got on the same cell phone plan and in so doing we HAD to get new phones. I thought that I would never want anything other than my dinky little flip phone which I loved so much but I was soon convinced otherwise. I had a blackberry for less than a day and didn't like it at all, too confusing for me, so I finally settled on the Palm Pixi. Its light, easy to use and so far I haven't lost it.

Seth, on the other hand, likes the phone called the Moment. He is kind of a tech nerd and since we got our new phones he has been showing non-stop me how he can download cool gadgets and watch TV and pretty much do anything.

The next two additions to our family are two new fish. I finally decided that our fish, Randy, needs a new home. We've managed to keep him alive for a few months now so we were willing to take the risk of getting a new home and new friends. So we bought two bottom feeders or algae eaters and named them Blake and Mimy. Other than that... well I am now about eleven weeks pregnant and my days consist mostly of throwing up and being nauseous, hence we have not had much to blog about but we are very excited about our upcoming new addition to our family. Happy now, Samuel?