Friday, May 31, 2013

1. Woke up and had baby snuggles. Seth and I actually had time together this morning to make his lunch and chat. Normally he has to hurry but I got up early.
2. Went to a park that was part splash park and Calvin figured out how to turn the water on. Resulting in running around in undies.
3. Kids took a nap at the same time so I could do laundry and watch the new episodes of arrested development. 
4. Went to another park after nap. In trying to have a "no TV summer" and have as much outside time as we can. Austin came to the park too!
5. Seth surprised us by coming hone early and Parker was so excited.
6. Lindy and PK took a bath together, he thinks its fun, she doesn't know what to think.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May 28, 2013

What did we do today?

1. McKenzie came over today so the kids could play and Parker loved it! He played hard and took a great nap.
2. We all slept like rocks last night, guess we were all tuckered out from the camping trip.
3. Parker gave some of his birthday invitations out today and was so so so excited about it.
4. Scored some sweet old school threads for Lindy from Sue. She even had a few dresses and outfits that I used to wear.
5. Went to my parents house tonight and Parker and my dad played "Parker hide and pretend you can't find him for an hour."

What am I grateful for today?

1. Parents that live close by and love it when we visit
2. Hand me downs
3. Nap time
4. Rain
5. Face time

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

1. Went camping at Ensign Ranch with Blake and Mimy, it was a well worth it last minute decision. It was Lindy's first camping trip and she loved it.
2. Went into town to get just a fish hook... ended up buying a sweet OR down jacket and new gloves.
3. We managed to pack EVERYTHING in our car without using the rack
4. The tent we brought was HUGE, like a wind turbine, and it was freezing cold at night 45degrees, but we just burrowed down in our bags, Parker especially loved to bury himself.
5. Parker was sick the first day and kept getting cold and only wanting to drink juice, which meant he had to pee all the time. It was very convenient being out in the middle of nature when nature called.
6. Seth tied his phone up in the tent so PK could snuggle up and watch a movie when he got too cold.
7. I made my first perfect s'more.
8. Am currently working on 11 loads of laundry resulting from the trip.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Being a Mother of Two...

Being a mother of two has been interesting so far. I love it! It does take us a lot longer to get out the door and in/out of the car but I think I am handling it very well. Parker is a wonderful older brother and is very helpful. Sometimes he is too helpful and ends up making a bigger mess but I just thank him for being a big helper. My patience (surprisingly) has increased. My total hours of sleep (not surprisingly) has decreased. My laundry (a little surpringly) has tripled. We have to get out of the house everyday, if even for a little trip to the grocery store or the park. We like to go on long walks on the BPA trail, sometimes I take the kids for long runs but Parker can only handle a couple miles. We like to go to story time at the library and when its not raining we go to a park (there are a tone around here). Most of the time its just me and my two loves on our little adventures but we like to meet up with friends. The other day at the park Parker was climbing on this rope ladder and playing with some other kids he met there. I remember just a few weeks ago I had to help him across this rope ladder and I was so scared and now I watched him do it all by himself. He is growing so fast and has taken his role as big brother very seriously. Lindy is growing like a weed and sleeping very well. She still has a lot of long hair and likes to smile and cuddle and take long showers. Lindy is such a good baby, hardly cries and when she does cry she can calm down so quickly. She gets the hiccups a lot and Parker thinks its hilarious. Seth just started his new job at Swedish hospital so we are finally getting into a weekly routine. Its so nice to have him home for a three day weekend every week. I forsee a lot of camping and cabin trips this summer. Having two small children has its ups and downs and lots of poop but I love it and it sure keeps me busy.