Friday, September 25, 2009

Puyallup Fair

This is the first time that Seth and I were able to go to the fair together. Of course we have both grown up going to the fair every Fall but just never with each other. I was really excited to go. We went with our friend, Camille, and we had a lot of fun. And after living in Cali and going to Disneyland and Six Flags the rides at the fair aren't at all exciting so we spent most of our time just looking at all the animals, looking at all the stuff people were selling and I was determined to have my husband win me a stuffed animal by the end of the night. I mean lets be honest, I'm a little jealous of Audrey and her giant stuffed animal Toren won for her. And we HAD to get some fair scones to bring back to Seth's parents and then I HAD to spend $5 on a nasty jumbo size lemonade. Seth also made us spend some time at the big candy stand, he has such a sweet tooth. One of our favorite parts was looking at the giant pumpkins and the garden displays that they have. Our little Grisham garden has been flourishing, we already ate quite a few tomatoes and radishes and our parsley is just overflowing but our pumpkins... WOW! We could probably make some big bucks selling our pumpkins if they keep growing at this rate.

This is a horse butt. The horse's name is Shelby. We HAD to get a pic

Seth and I decided we want chickens as soon as we get our own place

Seth trying to win me a stuffed frog

Camille showing him how its done

At least I still got my stuffed animal

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mt. Adams Results

Well Mt. Adams was quite the adventure. I was debating about whether or not I should even blog about our trip, but... we managed to get away with a few pictures and since I use our blog as an online journal of sorts I figured I might as well. Due to inclement weather we decided it was best to not bring along our nice camera but luckily we just had our small digital one. It was raining pretty hard outside when we got to the trail head, but we geared up and went anyways. The first night we hiked up quite a ways and stopped once it got dark and set up camp. Apparently there was a storm the night before and a bit more storm the night we were up there (lucky us) so the trail was covered over with snow and the trail was a bit lost to us, but we figured hey, all we have to do to reach the top is to go up right? So we headed up, soon found out our own trail was a little more technical but still quite the adventure. We made it to the false summit but due to time constraints decided it was best to just start heading back down, well since we climbed up mostly rocks, we couldn't see our tracks and got lost for a while on the mountain and THAT is when the real adventure started. It was a neat experience in the long run but one we all prefer not to relive anytime soon. You can see in the pictures that we definitely forgot our sunscreen and we found out the hard way that a snow burn is the worst kind of sunburn. Even now, a week later we are still in the recovery process. As for Adams, we are all bummed about making it so far and not reaching summit, but we are going out again in about a month, this time with the proper gear and for me boots that fit!

Bran and I in the morning, don't we look so chipper?

This is actually after we had started on our way down, you can already see the sunburns on our face

Seth and Brandon with Mt. Adams in the background

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mt. Adams

We are currently preparing to summit Mt. Adams on Tuesday! We are so excited and you should be too, on account of we are taking our camera and will post pictures of out trip. So far it is only Seth, Brandon and I who are going. Can't wait! We've got all the gear... ropes, ice ax, crampons, thermals, trail mix, MSR stove... the essentials. As of now, our plan is to leave late on Sunday night spend the night with my favorite cousins who live in Portland (Audrey and Toren, if you haven't gotten my message yet, then consider this inviting myself haha.) Then we hike up to base camp, also known as Lunch Counter and on Tuesday morning we'll summit, glissade down and be on our merry way. Other than that, Seth and I have been having a busy week working but luckily we have no school until the 21st! woo hoo! We took a Lake Tapps trip on Monday with Khia and Joe for F.H.E. and lets be honest, we showed them a thing or two on the jet skis. We don't have any pictures because we forgot our camera, but we would have gotten some sweet shots.
P.S. Kylee, this update is for you, have fun blog surfing.