Saturday, June 27, 2009

R.I.P. Professor Snape

It was a sad day on Monday morning. Amid the rush to get dressed and out the door in time for class Seth and I found Professor Snape floating in the fishbowl. It was not a happy day and we have been in mourning all week. So since our first steps towards parenthood took a turn for the worst, we have decided to move onto bigger and better things and are working on planting our garden. Grandpa is a Master gardener and is teaching us everything we need to know. Stay updated for pictures coming soon. I guess I could take pictures right now, but they'd just be shots of dirt... we're waiting for our pumpkins, lettuce, peas and radishes to sprout.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Additions to Our Family

Last night, Seth and I went to dinner at my grandparents.  They have a huge fish tank with some monstrous fish in there, consider them our inspiration.  Also, after reading the book "Marley and Me" I have been telling Seth that I want to get a dog, to practice before we have kids or something.  So last night we made a spur of the moment decision and we bought four fish, consider it our first steps towards parenthood.  We bought one black moor, named Professor Snape,  one comet, named Fogo (means "fire" in Portuguese) and two little yellow goldfish named Justin and Brandon.  It took a while to get everything set up and ready to go, but their tank is clean now, equipped with fake orange plants and a air pump that looks like a volcano.  Its a sweet set-up.  Now we just have to feed them twice a day and make sure Debbie's cats don't eat them.  

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday with our Favorite Nephew

One of the perks with Ashley being pregnant is she gets sick quite a bit and with little Gage running around he can be quite a handful, a cute handful however.  So on Sunday Auntie Carmen and Uncle Seddy came to the rescue and we took Gage out for a fun Sunday afternoon.  We spent a while picking strawberries in Grandma's front yard.  Gage ate a TON; he just loves them.  We tried to pick them and put them in a bucket, but Gage kept eating 'em faster than we could pick 'em.  So after the strawberry escapade, we decided to take a drive to Five Mile Lake and feed the ducks, but when we got there it was WAY to crowded, so instead we drove to Weyerheuser to feed the ducks and geese.  Turns out its illegal to feed the water fowl, but we did it anyways. Don't tell on us.  The geese kind of scared me and for a while I was afraid to let Gage down.  We played in the tall grass and Gage was just having a blast running through it.  It was such a fun Sunday activity.  Then we took him home all tuckered out and he fell asleep, just the way Ashley likes him at the end of the day.

This was the meanest goose. He kept hissing and chasing the other geese, we decided he deserved no food since he was a big meanie

When we tried to walk away the geese kept following us, it was so funny

Tiger Mountain

It sure is great to be back home in Washington because we love all the hikes around here.  We decided that we want to summit Mt. Adams this summer, probably next month, and so we are starting off with a few shorter day hikes to train.  Hopefully next summer we will be able to do Mt. Rainier, but thats a ways off still.  Last weekend we went to hike Tiger Mountain with our full packs to get used to the weight.  We couldn't find the right trailhead so we ended up hiking this weird loop that we figured out would be a sweet trail to go mountain biking.  It was a great day for hiking, a little rainy, but guess thats almost expected here.

From the parking lot, with Brandon's sweet orange glasses on. Also, we were excited to try out that pack, it was a wedding present from Justin and Ashley and Brandon and we finally got to use it!

We found a rotted tree hanging over the trail so Seth, being very manly, pushed it down and then rolled it out of the way

And he is very proud of his handiwork

When we took this picture it was really rainy and windy, the poor bumble bee was trying to hide underneath this leaf but it wasn't working out so well

Wild Haircut

So I have been trying to learn how to cut hair, not to do anything fancy, but mainly because I want to be able to cut Seth's hair.  Saturday morning I was getting ready to turn the bathroom into a barbershop for Seth with Marty came in complaining about how his hair was getting too long.  So I offered to give him a little trim, but I also wanted to make him feel young again for a few minutes.  He loved the mohawk but Debbie was not a fan, so we ended up with his normal cut.  Then Seth came in and though I don't have any pictures of his haircut it looks pretty good.  Well... lets just say last time I cut his hair he could have passed for a marine, but I am making progress!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Skimboarding Saturday

Saturday Seth and I went down to Dash Point Beach with Blake and his sister Janel. When Seth was younger he used to go skimboarding with T-Dog (aka Tyler Nichols). I went a few times back in high school but haven't been since. Blake brought his board and we tried it out. It was so much fun! Of course it was also very entertaining to watch Seth and Blake biff it a few times. So as of two days ago our current project is building our own skimboards. We are not sure if it will be any cheaper to go that way, but it will be fun to make together. So far we have the boards cut out and they are soaking in water right now so we can bend the tip up a little. Keep your fingers crossed that they turn out.

Janel and I played catch most of the time, she's got a wicked arm

This is how the boys decided to wash themselves off... its fresh water, no worries

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Weekend with the Whites

For Memorial Weekend Seth and I drove all the way over to Wenatchee to see Kamry, one of my best friends.  We loved spending time with the White fam.  We drove over on Saturday morning, I somehow was able to get someone to cover my night shift.  When we got there we rode the quads around the White's orchards and had a BBQ.  Then we went on a killer hike, probably the steepest hike ever.  
Sunday, after church, we headed to the grandma and grandpa White's cabin on Lake Chelan.  We had a big game of Ultimate, but our team got creamed.  We are gonna start training so that next time the Grisham's can hold their own!  Tyler taught me how to throw a football and made me practice with him all day.  
On Monday, surprisingly, the lake was not busy at all.  We didn't get any pictures of us on the boat, but we did try some skiing (we decided to stick with wakeboarding) and we did some crazy tubing.  Kamry and Alyssa are insane when it comes to tubing.  We had a GREAT weekend with the Whites and plan on coming back over soon.

This is the view from the top of the mountain that we climbed... yup, thats all of Wenatchee

Nighttime shot on the Columbia River

We played charades on Sunday... Olivia is acting out "Broccoli" and Tessa, she's on the ground, she is acting out "Baseball"

The White Fam, plus extras

I think Alyssa got over 100 shots of the fire... apparently she thinks it looks cool on camera

Seth, Tyler and I playing catch... my spirals are so good now

Tessa and Seth

Riding an old school jet ski

The boys wanted to be macho and run into the water... but they stopped right about here... notice they are not running anymore

Seth practicing his dolphin moves

Tyler taking a plunge!

Then on the way home something TERRIBLE happened... Seth "Accidentally" threw my dollar store sunglasses out the window so I was really mad at him

And I refused to talk to him the rest of the way home... Okay, okay, so I ended up ignoring him for about four minutes