Friday, December 23, 2011


Traveling (airplane, bus, taxi) for 26+ hours is exhausting.

The largest church in Sao Paulo has this image that apparently people make a pilgrimage to come and see.

The church has offering posts every 2 pews... there are literally a million pews here too

It started raining like crazy, I've never seen rain like this and I'm from Washington! I took the plastic backpack cover that comes with our REI pack and wore it around

Koi at on of the places we stayed at

Pointing out where our hotel was

Diego's family. We LOVE them and want to go back already

We ate Krepes every single day! We need to sell these at the Puyallup Fair and we'd make some serious cash.

I may or may not have drawn a heart in sunblock on Seth's back. He may or may not have been mad

Facetime with Parksies, what we did everyday

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch with Austin

Went to the Pumpkin Patch with Austin and Audrey just like last year. Had so much fun, except for when PK tripped in the mud. He has such personality and LOVES being outside and running free. These two boys are so funny together, so different but both total BOYS. I can't get enough of it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Chicken

This Halloween Parker was the cutest chicken you ever did see! I am only posting these pics because my favorite little sister called from BYU and demanded that I post some pics soon, so here ya go Kish! We did go to our ward's and Tina's ward's trunk or treat to score some candy but on Halloween we stayed home to answer the door, it was our first year being able to do that and it was so much fun! Parker would get really excited when the doorbell would ring and he can now understandably say "trick or treat." We love our cute little chicken. And thanks Tina for the costume!

Do the Puyallup

The night that Seth and I went to the fair with all our besties, he won Parker a Pablo! And I got a root beer float!

The Puyallup Fair! This was the first and probably the only year when we decided to actually do the whole fair experience. We splurged and had some extremely unhealthy food to eat, rode a couple rides, tried to win $150, played some extremely unfair and expensive carnival games, watched the hypnotist and had a blast! I have to say it was even worth it to wait in line for the WildCat!
During the day we wanted to take Parker and Gage to see all the animals, which they LOVED! We got to see a zedonk (half donkey half zebra) and a lot of other cool animals. Gage went fishing and rode ALL the John Deeres. It was so much fun to take the boys around.

Gage's favorite part was the John Deere section, we HAD to spend a long time here test driving every machine. Parker rode the skid-steer but wasn't interested in anything else.

Parker and His Daddy

Parker and his Daddy are best buds. Seth is seriously the BEST dad ever! He teaches and plays with Parker so much. He is already excited to teach him how to shave, the proper way to eat cheez-its and how to correctly drink the "after cereal" milk. Parker and Seth do lots of man stuff together, like building the shed, cementing the fence posts, hauling dirt, and yard work. Whenever I come home from being gone Parker gets excited and will give me a big hug and kiss but when Daddy comes home its more like run around, jump up and down and laugh hysterically and scream at the top of your lungs kid of excited. Those boys...

Tiger Mountain

We LOVE hiking in this family! About a month after we found out we were pregnant with Parker we HAD to go out a buy a sweet hiking backpack to pack along our boy. We LOVE all things outdoors and hiking is one of our favorites by far. We plan on taking our kids on many outdoor adventures and this was one of Parker's firsts. His first hike was actually when he was 3 months old though. But this time he had a blast! And he even hiked up a good section of the trail in his sweet hiking boots, which happened to be super steep. We did the back side of Tiger Mountain, coming from the I-90, which Seth and I always wanted to do but never have before. It was a good day outside, Seth came home early from work and so we just packed up and left. The pictures may deceive you but Seth carried Parker 85% of the time and then I carried him because I wanted to try out the pack and it happened to be when we found a good view. Parker was so tired and he fell asleep on the way down. Seth tested out Randy's new hiking boots for him, which were great. We had lunch at the top and had an extremely tired baby at the end of the day. Hiking is the best.